Featured Post: Divorce: A Very Painful Word

When two people fall out of love and can’t be able to live with each other, they tried to find different solutions to solve the problem. Sometimes if both parties are still trying to save and make their marriage work out,they ended up going to a marriage counselor. Trying to figure what is the reason why their planning to break their marriage and plan to go on separate ways. Think of how the children will accept their decision. Even if you find the cheapest divorce lawyer in Singapore, their are many factors yet to consider before entering into any legal action.

But most people are just using one solution to ease the problem,which is usually having a divorce. Divorce is the death of a marriage and especially a Family. It’s a legal process that leads termination of marriage or permanent separation of the family and all it’s finances. It can lead both emotionally and financially to the parties involved especially if there are kids to consider. Kids are emotionally affected sometimes they got traumatized for what happen to their parents.

Divorced may also include some issues like spousal support, child custody, child support, property distribution, and debt division. In some jurisdiction,divorce had become effective. The court usually determined some terms of divorce like pre-nuptial or post nuptial agreement that both parties have agreed things privately. Here are some list of the different types of divorce:

  1. No fault Divorce – it’s a system where both parties doesn’t required to proof who have fault or give show some allegation why the marriage break.
  2. At fault Divorce – it’s quite expensive type. They fight in court whose fault why marriage break or trying to determine who is the guilty party.
  3. Summary Divorce -its only available in some jurisdiction. It’s a simple and easy divorce type. It had a key issue based on some eligibility required by the court.
  4. Uncontested Divorce – Many uses this type of divorce. It’s an agreement of both parties with their lawyers regarding the issue of custody,property and support. It’s fast and easy way and cost less for both parties.
  5. Collaborative Divorce – nowadays,it become a very popular type of divorce. The party negotiate and agreed some resolution with the assistance of their lawyers.
  6. Mediated Divorce – it’s an alternative type of traditional divorce ligitation.

One reason why marriage resulted to separation is a problem that money is involved. No one plans to get divorced, but it happens. Couples who can separate their feelings from their financial dilemmas results in shorter divorces and more agreeable settlements. It all comes down to business in the end. It is sad but true.

Before gets into divorce,why not talk with each other. Try to recall what went wrong in your relationship why both of you want to end it. Consider your kids feeling! Think how will they feel if their parents will live separately. Give time for your marriage work once again. It isn’t to late to in kindle the love you fell for each other. Remember that having a divorce is such a painful thing to do,not only for you but for the person whose more affected!